The advent of cloud technology has prompted the deployment of large-scale distributed systems for optimizing business transactions. Here is more about Virtual Data Room software.

Why do we choose Online Data Room?

An important breakthrough in the digital world in the field of data storage occurred when cloud storage services became available to the average user. In technical terms, cloud storage is a method of archiving, organizing, and distributing data between virtual volumes that have been combined on disparate physical hardware. In simpler terms, cloud storage is such an organization for storing information that is stored somewhere in large data centers, and which can be accessed by anyone (taking into account the necessary access rights) via the Internet. In fact, your data is not stored directly on your hard drive. The most important idea of cloud storage is virtualization, which creates virtual data rooms in which user data is stored. But data storage is only a small percentage of what today’s digital cloud technology is capable of.

So what is a Virtual Data Room (VDR)? Firstly, it is a very convenient business tool with which you can store and process huge amounts of information. Second, from a technical point of view, it is a collection of hardware, software, and user support. All this in total not only minimizes the cost of maintaining the IT park but also helps to significantly improve the quality of work.

Security measures of the Data Room

The goal is that no one will get reach confidential information unless inherent permissions are given, while everything that happens in VDR is being regularly reported. On the other hand, people who have been invited to the data room can work easily regardless of place and time. Since Data Room software is developed as a service (SaaS) you only need a computer and Internet connection to use it.

VDR offers security and compliance when working from home and enables highly secure data exchange with colleagues and business partners regardless of the user’s location. Compliance guidelines and the highest security standards can be taken into account when transferring data from the home office without complex integration into the company’s network. With the integrated “Managed File Transfer” functionality, files (up to 4 GB in size) can also be made available to external parties safely, quickly, and easily without the need for a user account.

What to look for when choosing the Data Room?

To choose a reliable software the following Data Room features should be considered:

  • Access from multiple devices. You can use most cloud services on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, as well as on your laptop or desktop. Therefore, make sure the cloud you choose has a dedicated application for your operating system.
  • Editing. Perhaps surprisingly, some services do not allow you to edit documents in the cloud – instead, you open the file outside of the storage service, and then all changes are automatically synced. Also, some cloud storage services allow you to edit photos.
  • File exchange. Most services allow you to share files with other people – for example, you can share your holiday pictures with your family. However, some do not provide this opportunity, so consider whether you need such functionality.
  • Synchronization in real-time. This means that your edited files will automatically update their changes to the cloud storage service.
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